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C# .NET Core API Angular GraphQL Apollo Typescript SQLServer

Note: as of January 2021, the backend for this web-app is offline. The frontend is still up, but not much content will be shown.

About the project

Zappr is a web application that enhances your local TV community.

This project was initially built for the course Web Applications IV of my education in Applied Information technology. I now continue it in my free time.

Zappr is for educational purposes only.



This is the homepage of the application. Here you can find TV shows that air today and in the following week. At the top, there obviously is a search functionality, used to search any series.


Other than browsing through series, you can make an account and log in, to gain access to other features.

Favorites and watchlist

When logged in, you can mark series as favorite or add them to your personal watchlist.


There is a 404 page, so that’s something ¯\(ツ)

Future plans


  • Comments and ratings
  • Get a list of seasons and episodes
  • View actors and their characters (and maybe mark some actors as favorite)


  • Marking an episode as seen
  • Rating an episode


  • Your ratings
  • Friends/followers (?)

All technologies used

  • Frontend
    • Angular
    • Apollo Angular
    • Typescript
    • GraphQL
    • RxJs
    • ngBootstrap
    • ngx-drag-scroll
    • Bootstrap
    • SCSS
  • Backend
    • .NET Core 3.1
    • GraphQL
    • GraphQL-dotnet Nuget Package (+ authorization)
    • Identity Framework
    • Entity Framework Core
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • BCrypt
    • Newtonsoft JSON

Special thanks to

TVMaze API for the data

PS: The name Zappr is a homophone of ‘zapper’, the Flemish word for TV-remote